How do I create a logtrace in LARDIS:ONE?

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2023-02-15 09:52
 ℹ️ Available from version 2.x


To create a logtrace on LARDIS:ONE devices, you have two options. The first option is executed directly via the LARDIS:ONE interface. To do this, long press on the LARDIS logo on the left edge of the screen.

The window that opens now shows you the output of the debugger. Press the red Record button for a background recording and then reproduce the error. You can return to the familiar LARDIS interface by briefly tapping the LARDIS logo again.

After creating the log, connect the LARDIS:ONE to a PC via USB and start the LARDIS setup there. Use the Actions menu to call up the item "View log files...". You can now save the log data displayed there and send it to support.


Record log trace directly via LARDIS setup

Connect the LARDIS:ONE to your PC via USB and start the configuration software "LARDIS Setup". Now select the "Debugger..." item in the Actions menu. Reproduce the error and save the log data. You can send these to the support.

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