How does the LARDIS Navigation work?

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2023-02-10 14:45

This article describes supplementary information about navigation. The basic use of navigation is described in the LARDIS-ONE 2.x User Manual.pdf.

With the arrival of the new LARDIS:ONE (mini, DS) hardware in 2022, an own navigation application was developed, which works on the basis of an external API and map provider. In direct comparison to the previous LARDIS:ONE 7 hardware (Garmin), this can be better integrated into the LARDIS:ONE application.

The map sets are based on data from OpenStreetMap. This way the end user also has the possibility to make corrections and adjustments himself. Further information can be found here. As a rule, an update of the map sets is offered on a quarterly basis.

Traffic data: LARDIS:ONE (mini) can retrieve this data via WLAN and mobile data (possibly subject to a charge) and display it visually (using colored lines on the respective road) on the map. The navigation does not use this information for route calculation.

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Löschmeier Ingenieurbüro (2023-04-06 15:50)
Ist eine LKW-spezifische Navigation möglich (insbes. Berücksichtigung von Durchfahrtshöhen)? So wie es beim ONE 7 mit show moreGarmin Fleet Navigation?