How do I set up the status system (Tetra BOS) correctly?

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2023-02-13 12:03

This FAQ explains the correct configuration of the status system, in addition to the documentation (LARDIS:ONE or LARDIS Manager). Some of the information given depends on the local conditions and must be adapted accordingly.

Status codes: These are uniform decimal values that are transmitted via SDS to the control station or secondary control station, for example. Unlike in analog FMS, these values have five digits.

Status 0: 32770
Status 1: 32771
Status 2: 32772
Status 3: 32773
Status 4: 32774
Status 5: 32775
Status 6: 32776
Status 7: 32777
Status 8: 32778
Status 9: 32779

For more general information on the radio messaging system, visit:

Status confirmation: Control stations usually send a status confirmation back to the subscriber in response to a received status message. This SDS (PID 204 / 220) contains a defined text, which often differs nationwide. The confirmation text you use must be entered accordingly for each status and must be exactly the same in wording. It is also possible to evaluate only a partial content of the SDS (tick at partial content). However, this part should not be chosen too short or general, otherwise it could lead to false evaluations!

How to find out and configure the confirmation texts you will learn here: Configure status confirmation

It is possible to use the received TETRA ACK as confirmation. However, this does not indicate whether the status was actually received correctly in the control center.

If your area of operation extends over several control stations and requires the configuration of different confirmation texts, this must be configured via the "Multiple acks" checkbox. If this check mark is set, a button is displayed which allows different confirmations. These are to be separated line by line.


The instructions sent by the control station (usually Flash-SDS / PID 137) can be defined specifically and configured with further actions.

The contents of the control center instructions often differ supra-regionally and can therefore only be requested locally or determined as an exported event (see status confirmation).


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