How do I use the FAQ or do I have to register?

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2023-02-10 15:58

The FAQ is divided into two sections - the public and the closed user group.

End customer (open area):
As an end customer of LARDIS and LARDIS:ONE, you can read all topics of interest to you without registering. You are welcome to register as an end customer in the FAQ. This allows you to comment on contributions (e.g. additions or questions about the topic) or to submit questions that are still unanswered. Our support team will respond to you promptly or add the new question to the FAQ.

Specialized trade partners / resellers / distributors:
A closed area is available to our distributors and all specialist trade partners and resellers, which in particular addresses topics that are not relevant for end customers. For this purpose, registration is required, stating the company (e.g. e-mail address of the company). Commenting and creating questions is also possible.
The closed area can be accessed via the "All categories" menu.

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