How can I update the Garmin navigation device?

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2023-02-10 15:29

Attention: With firmware versions 8.70 / 8.80 there may be problems in connection with the serial interface. These versions should be omitted in this respect at present.

To update the Garmin firmware or maps, you need the Garmin Express application. You can find this directly on the Garmin website:

During the entire update process, ensure that the device is safely powered, otherwise irreparable damage to the device may occur. Please ensure that either the device battery is fully charged and still intact in terms of capacity, or power the device via the original Garmin accessories consisting of magnetic holder (cradle) as well as properly powered LARDIS:ONE connection cable. The use of third-party components such as external USB chargers or USB power banks does not represent a safe power supply!

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